Friday, May 14, 2010

What happened to my Memory

Well here I am again and desperately trying to remember what I did in class yesterday, thankfully I never got any homework, well at least I don't think I did.
I was slightly nervous to say the least, then the teacher appeared like magic in a box to my left on the screen, and gave me a big smile. I  then  looked down and wondered who  the  hell was the other woman in the box under hers with the silly grin on her face, and oh my god it was me, with a pair of outsized headphones that not only refused to stay on my head, and so I had to keep  pushing them back up (Note to self buy a pair that fits before next week) my hair was sticking out  from impossible angles that a top hairdresser could never achieve (or want too he would be ruined) and it gave me the appearance of looking like I had just been  recently electrocuted.  No wonder she gave me a big smile bet she wanted to crack up but felt that I had already been humiliated enough. She very kindly suggested that we switch the camera off probably so she could keep her face straight whilst talking to me.

So for the next hour I did my best to speak in French, and have to say I really enjoyed the lesson, not only was the teacher interesting and came over as a caring person she managed to pull information gently from me to give her an understanding of  my level of French, and she listened to me and then corrected me in such a way that never made me feel totaly stupid, although I decided not to ask her what she thought  my level was as I wanted to remain positive.
The screen was filled with  pictures, phrases  and questions,  sometimes she typed in what I was saying to let me see where I had gone wrong showing me instantly and that I found very useful.

I have already booked  my next lesson for next Thursdsay so we shall see how it goes but this time I will be prepared. Must dash as I have a headset to buy.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

i2i was the Starting Point

Well I did it I finally booked a French lesson last week and I have been working myself up over it ever since. Yes I know I am a big girl and yes I know that I should not be nervous and yes to another 1,000 more reasons why I tried to wheddle my way out of  this what could be for me a  torture, but the time has come for the reckoning and I have 6 months to pull my socks up and get my act together.

So 1pm was my lesson  and sitting in front of my computer and watching the time move at an exceeedingly slow pace 12.46 I log in with my name and password (nothing new there, I can do that). 12.47 my password was rejected and I started to panic I have 4 minutes till class. I retyped my passowrd 3 times and rejection each time.
12.49 oh god I am going to be late and my dam password won't work. Time to go see the confirmation email and cut and paste why did I write it down in the first place cut and paste everytime. Not so! cut & and paste even let me down this time. Finally it dawns on me cap locks ON how many times do I need to be told!!! So you are  perhaps now beginning to see why I am nervous about learning French.

Off to a good start! anyhow if you want to find out how I get on and meanwhile listen to a few of my faux pas you will just have to wait and see but you will have to follow me first.

I will return a bientot